Sunday, December 06, 2015

Tea Source: Seasonal Teas

I discovered Tea Source two years ago through a Nanowrimo write-in.  Before that I was a one-dimensional tea drinker.  Green tea in bags and the occasional Jasmine or Genmaicha at a restaurant (Chinese or sushi, respectively).  Now I have a shelf devoted to loose leaf tea and I'm sipping on a gunpowder green mixed with lemon juice as I write this.

This winter, Tea Source has four seasonal selections available: Frosted Citrus (Green), Winter Berry (Black), Pistachio Shortbread (Black), and 20 Below (Herbal).

 Frosted Citrus
Anything citrus or orange flavor is usually risky for me, but I enjoyed this light tea.  It had a few notes of sweet vanilla and the citrus was subtle rather than overpowering.  It's not a must-buy for me, but I would drink it again.

Winter Berry
This tea was a perfect blend of tart, fruit, and spice for me.  I like the cranberry notes and it had a few warm spiced accents without overwhelming the pot.  This is a definite pick up for me and I would drink all times of the year.

Pistachio Shortbread
We just tried this tea today.  It smelled delicious - the marzipan and almond really come through in the scent.  Unfortunately in flavor it fell a little flat for me.  Like some of the other cookie flavored teas I've tried, there was a heavier flour and sweet note to it that clung to my tongue.  Usually I'm a big almond fan, but this one is a pass for me.

We haven't tried the herbal yet (20 Below), but it's next on my list.

What are your favorite beverages this time of the year?

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